For more than 20 years, FUN CHARACTERS, John and Susan Dameron have been making your party a hit with their hilarious skits, comedy and impersonations.
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Our FUN CHARACTERS entertain your guests wih juggling, magic tricks, animal balloons, face painting and all around comedy on stage or as walkaround entertainment.

Adult birthdays are hilarious with our comedy strip routines (PG rated with Zelda the Bag Lady or Dr. of Luv!)

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Clowns: Woody and Aurora

Celebrity look-alikes: Charlie Chaplin, Groucho, Mae West and more

Holiday and unique characters: Santa, Easter Bunny, Cat in the Hat, Spiderman, Zelda the Bag Lady, Dr. of Luv and more

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About Us
John and Susan Dameron created Fun Characters 20 years ago starting with just a few characters that entertained for kids and adults at birthdays, anniversaries and company parties.  John was trained by Ringling Brothers' Clowns in such skills as juggling, magic, animal balloons and face painting.  Susan has acted in several theater productions.  As the years went by, we added more of our favorite characters to offer more of a variety in entertainment.  Soon we offered Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx, Austin Powers, Mae West, the Easter Bunny and Santa.  We have now grown to over 35 characters that we do.  We perform as walk around entertainers at festivals and events, entertain at home visits and put on large performances on stage. John has starred in nationally distributed videos as Woody the Clown in "Clownig Around" videos.  Woody the Clown has been a member of the World Clown Assoc. for over 20 years.  He has been an actor in many TV, radio commercials and movies throughout the West.  Fun Characters has evolved into a variety of professional  celebrity look-alikes, kid characters from The Cat In the Hat to Jack Sparrow the Pirate and created several original comedy acts to entertain for both small and large events.